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  • Specializing in Engine and Transmission Machine Work.
  • Other Services include welding & fabrication, case crack repair, and king pin fitment.


Motorcycle – Watercraft – UTV

We handle engine and transmission machine work for these items. We are not small mecahnical or maintenance for these items. However, if you want any of the work we are the best shop you will fine. We treat your toy like it is our own – With care!

Two Stroke Engines

No problem we are able to weld, bore, hone, repair and recoat your aluminum cylinder and cylinder head.

Four Stroke Engines

No Problem, we can do a quality valve job [four [4] angle standard] using Titanium or Stainless Valves.

When things go bad

We have seen some issues with engines. As you can see in this short video we find the issues and can repair them to get you back riding again. If you have hit a small issue like this we are here to help. Click our booking button below and get on the schedule! 

Services for Motorcycle & Powersports


Cleaning Operations

  • Engine Teardown/Inspection/Cleaning 
  • Case, Cylinder[s] Cylinder Head Cleaning 

Cylinder Head Work

  • Surface Cylinder Head  
  • Valve Job [Per Valve] [Includes Valve/Seat Re-facing & Spring Install]  
  • Valve Seat Replacement [Per Seat] [Includes Cleaning/Valve & Seat Re-facing] 
  • Valve Guide Replacement [Per Guide]  
  • Cylinder Head Porting [Per Port]  
  • Cam/Rocker Shaft Removal  
  • Cam/Rocker Shaft Removal & Installation 

Additional Operations

  • Wash Components 


  • Bore & Hone Cylinder [Per Cylinder] [Boring First .5mm] 
  • Every .25mm after [Per Cylinder] 
  • Operation Includes Setting Piston to Wall Clearance and Ring Gap
  • Cylinder Sleeve [Per Cylinder]  
  • Stud Removal or Install  

Case work

  • Repair Case Half [1 Hour Minimum]
  • General Machine Shop Work [1 Hour Minimum] 
  • Welding and Fabrication [1 Hour Minimum] 
  • Engine Assembly [Per Published Labor Flat Rate Time] 

Studio Engine Werx Shop

Right Tool = Right Job

What To Expect

We always try to set expectations for the time and money involved in getting your motorcycle or powersport going again. Below you will see some general expectations for time. This can be offset by issues we find when we tear down. Yet we always communicate on these issues as fast as possible.

Cleaning Operation

  • Engine Teardown/Inspection/Cleaning –  Four Days
  • Case, Cylinder[s] Cylinder Head Cleaning – Same Day

Cylinder work

  • Bore Cylinder  – Two Days
  • Hone Cylinder – Two Days
  • Cylinder Sleeve – Three Days
  • Stud Removal or Install – Same Day

case work

Repair Case Half – Email for Availability
General Machine Shop Work – Email for Availability
Welding and Fabrication – Email for Availability
Engine Assembly – One Week

cylinder head work

• Surface Cylinder Head – Two Days
• Valve Job – One Week
• Valve Seat Replacement or Valve Guide Replacement – Email for Availability
o One Week if Seats or Guides are in stock, Two Weeks if needing ordered.
• Cylinder Head Porting – Email for Availability
• Cam/Rocker Shaft Removal – One Day
• Cam/Rocker Shaft Removal & Installation – One Day

The fun disclaimer

All times are subject to change. For accurate completion time estimations please refer to the online calendar or email an inquiry to

Helpful Repair Tips

Repair Research

Don’t forget to include us in your parts research. Fur to our volume we get superior pricing and we always pass that on to our customers.

Fill out the online parts questionaire and within 24 hours we will have pricing and availability to you. 


We keep strictly to our online schedule allowing you to plan. We have complete control of our machine operations, bit parts can be challenging. Therefore we ask our clients for as much advance project notice as possible so we can start the parts acquisition process.

Operations Price Sheet

Our operations price sheet is published for your convenience and allows for complete cost transperency. Build your own labor estimate to avoid cost surprises.

I already have my Parts

No Problem! Due to a stretched supply line we here at SEW have no problem using your parts. One word off caution, before going to the time & expense of purchasing new parts we offer a cost saving alternative. Allow us to look at your engine and determine if your parts are rebuildable.


Do you need help figuring out what is the correct service for your engine repair? We can help you. Feel free to fill out a contact form, call us, or go to the services page and see if we have your needs listed!

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