About Studio Engine Werx

Hello my name is Steve. I have two philosophies, “the reward for good work is more work!” and “I’ll never spend your money without you knowing about it!”

Studio Engine Werx would like to have the opportunity to prove this to you

I have been in the automotive repair business since the 80’s and specialized in Engine Machine work and Engine Building.
Yet my passion for years has been dirt biking and dual sporting so in 2019 I decided to chase a dream I have had for years, to combine my business with my passion so I started Studio Engine Werx.
Studio Engine Werx specializes in Dirt Bike and Powersports Engines, one of the only machine shops in the Denver area to do so. We have an extensive parts supply line for most engine parts at competitive prices, many times our prices are less than what the public can buy online. However, we also understand today’s access to parts and some of you prefer to purchase your own. Here at Studio Engine Werx we are happy to accommodate you and provide you with quality machine work.
  • Do you need Pistons, Bearings, Rings, Valves, Valve Seats, Valve Guides, Gaskets, Rods and Crankshaft Kits? Studio Engine Werx is a Machine Shop that represents several manufactures as a Dealer and much of the time we will be less expensive than what you can purchase online.
  • Do you have a Two Stroke? No problem we are able to weld, bore, hone, repair and recoat your aluminum cylinder and cylinder head.
  • Do you have a Four Stroke? No Problem, we can do a quality valve job [four [4] angle standard] using Titanium or Stainless Valves.
  • Do you need valve seats replaced? No problem, we have either in stock or three [3] day access to any valve seat needed to get you back out and riding!
We provide Machine Shop Operations of all kinds, and we are not afraid to reveal our pricing. See our online price sheet for all of our operations and build your own estimate, having the confidence you can stay on budget!
We understand you want to ride, not have your equipment in the shop for weeks or months! Our goal is to schedule work and stay on schedule as parts availability allows. If you have a planned ride, vacation or competition coming up, don’t wait till the last minute and then suffer the stress of not getting your ride in time! Use our online scheduling feature to get yourself in the shop rotation right away.
As a one man Dirt Bike and Powersports engine machine shop I have complete control over what happens in the shop, especially with regard to quality control, and this takes concentration. So I ask for your patience when communicating, I will return all communication within one business day in order to accommodate your needs and any questions you may have.
Unless of course, I’m out riding the Continental Divide 🙂 See you at the track or on the trail!!
Keep Ridin’

“We can weld, bore, hone, and repair aluminum cylinders and cylinder heads”

“We are able to work on Four Stroke engines. We use Titanium and Stainless Valves.”

“We help you have confidence to stay on budget and get back to riding”


Do you need help figuring out what is the correct service for your engine repair? We can help you. Feel free to fill out a contact form, call us, or go to the services page and see if we have your needs listed!

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